Hello Guam!

Hafa Adai! Greetings from the tropical Island of Guam! After eleven long days of steaming in the Pacific Ocean, we finally arrived here in Naval Base Guam, here in Agat, Guam!

On my blog post when we reached Hawaii two weeks ago, I wrote about how BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PF16) performed in the Pacific. I talked about her ability to endure unfair winds, unclear skies, and not-really-following-seas.  Fortunately in this leg, we did not have the rough seas. The sea is extremely calm on our 11-day voyage from Pearl Harbor to Guam.  

            Through my daily journal, I brought you guys with me in our almost three thousand plus nautical miles of smooth sailing from the tropical island of Hawaii to the equally beautiful Island of Guam. By the way, Guam is known to be the place where every American day begins. Remember, the time zone here is +10GMT, which means the time here is 20 hours ahead of Hawaii! This is one of the places that experiences sunrise ahead of the rest of the world!  I am sure that everyone in the ship is one with me in my cheers not only for being back on land , but also for our two day stopover in this American territory here in the Marianas Island chain. Many activities are lined up for the crew here in Guam. The Filipino community in this part of the world will host gatherings and sponsor group tours for the ship’s crew. Upon our arrival this morning, just after all lines were secured and doubled up, we were welcomed by our kababayans! Waiting for us at the dock is a group of excited Filipinos waving their flags while cheering Hafa Adai! We really felt their genuine and warm welcome- no doubt on that.

            Well, before I head off to see what Guam has to offer, I believe I owe you some updates on our last day in the Pacific on our Hawaii-Guam leg. Well, the Pacific became extremely kind to us again and gave us a very smooth ride with the waves. We took advantage of this by conducting a Man Overboard drill in between the extra “project” of the “working party” which I extensively discussed on my last post. Yes friends, we also need to practice the procedure in case there is some dumb-ass who will lose his mind and jump overboard- hopefully no one does it. Aside from the spot paintings, quarterdeck renovations, and over-all cleaning to prepare the ship for the open house in Guam, nothing super significant took place. As I’ve said, it was a super smooth sailing from Hawaii to Guam- literally and figuratively. So that was it, really. Not so exciting, yeah?

            Soon after the amenities and formalities of our arrival, it was time for the Public Affairs team to work. We are all set. Unfortunately, same problem in San Diego and Hawaii is hitting us again. Seriously, Internet access problems do not want to leave us. Our pens are all ready and our heads are full of stories to write, but the setback, we have no means of sending them! Oh no! Thanks to the good heart of our kababayan, Cpt Ken Ola of the National Guard who saved us from our misery. I am literally using office desk at the moment, while munching on his left over cocoa roast almonds. Not bad for a cramming blogger. Sweet. 

            Anyways, this afternoon, we will have a lunch fellowship hosted by the Filipino Community in a resort called Leo Palace here in Guam. We are all looking forward to authentic Filipino and Chamorro cuisine! This is the best treat after almost two weeks in the Pacific! Yes! But for now, i have to do finish all my compliances. Busy E!  I am very lucky if I make it to the lunch! *wishful*

                   I will keep you posted on the happenings here in Guam, same as usual. By the way, for more updates, follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/erroldelacruz. Csi Yu’us Maase! (Thank you and God bless).

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One thought on “Hello Guam!

  1. Ken O

    It was indeed my pleasure to assist fellow public affairs kin to get your dispatches out. The Philippines is a valued partner of the Guam National Guard under our Department of Defense State Partnership Program, administered through the National Guard Bureau. We have worked closely with the J9 and many other elements of the AFP, in conducting medical and engineering subject matter expert exchanges, that have served many communities there for more than a decade.

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