The Best Bistro in Bangladesh: Cilantro Cafe and Mediterranean Restaurant


If you found yourself lost in the middle of Dhaka, Bangladesh looking for a place to eat, go to Cilantro! This new restaurant located in the heart of Dhanmondi is the latest craze for local food lovers and foreigners alike.  With its very interesting and unique concept, it is a perfect place for food trippers and food adventurists searching for an extraordinary dining experience. They provide a wide variety of cuisines made from fresh ingredients and spices for an authentic and exceptional gastronomic dining. To be honest, this place is one of the most impressive restaurants I have seen in my traveling career. The Zen-like ambiance is surreal which is made possible by the intricately designed contemporary interiors; the perfect chiaroscuro of natural lighting and genius use of empty bottles as lamps and chandeliers; and the soothing noise-free-nothing-loud house music. The place is surely perfect, and their food, OMG! The fusion of western, mediterranean,and local cuisines in their menu will surely bring you to Nirvana in every bite. Exceptionally delicious!  Hat’s off, their food is simply divine!



Chicken Lollipops with Homemade sweet chili sauce

We started our incredible dining experience with their signature chicken lollipops and very famous homemade fries. The chicken nugget style appetizer infused with lemon grass and local spices; dipped in their special sweet chili sauce is really the perfect introduction to the entire dining showdown. Shoot it down in between bites of their homemade fries dunked on the special garlic dip! Dude, you will really feel you are a Champ!

Main Entrée’


The famous Thai Platter

We tried a variety of dishes when we went to Cilantro for a late lunch. Their bestseller Thai Platter is superb and definitely one of the best dishes in the menu. I just love the fusion of flavors that plays in your palette. The perfectly grilled chicken satay served with freshly made potato chips and homemade peanut sauce on the side will make you think twice if you really are in Bangladesh.  If you are a certified carnivore, this is also the perfect place for you!

Perfectly grilled Ribeye steak

According to some of my reliable sources, they serve the best steak in town, and I could not agree less! For steak lovers, their rib-eye steak grilled-the-way-you-like-it is seriously very tender and tasty! A genuine sumptuous meal that will make you forget about your diet. All of their steaks are served with their version of Java rice and some buttered veggies on the sides. Also, try their chicken grilled in extra savory barbecue sauce. The sweet and savory bestseller will explain itself why it became a bestseller.



The classic chocolate cupcake

I’m a big fan of desserts- that is why I agreed on the label written below their dessert menu: Never dessert desserts. For chocoholics, you have to try their mouth-watering chocolate brownie shots! These are shot glasses filled to the rim with very moist half-cooked dark chocolate brownie mixture with heaps of melted marshmallows and groundnuts. Also try their signature home-baked cupcakes available in different varieties and flavors! After these sweet treats, you will really be saying to yourself, I am happy I did not dessert their desserts.



The very refreshing pink pineapple signature drink

Pink is not really my favorite color but their Pink Pineapple and the Pink lemonade really got me bigtime. I just love the fruity slash citrusy slash zesty taste of these two drinks. They sweetened them perfectly that you will still taste every flavor they infused on your drink. Truly refreshing! Also try their tamarind base drink and the mojito, which I heard to be two of their most popular mixes.

If you feel like injecting a little bit of caffeine in your system, their coffee selection will take care of that. Their freshly brewed imported and local coffee beans make a perfect cup of Americano or Cappuccino!

The total dining experience is Cilantro is truly remarkable and extraordinary. The perfect ambiance paired with their world-class signature dishes brought this cozy restaurant in the pedestal in terms of food and dining in Bangladesh. With this, I give the Cilantro Restaurant 9.5 claps out of 10. Bravo!


Cilantro is located at 49 Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh. They are open from 12pm to 11pm daily (except Fridays: 5pm-11pm). They accept all major credit cards.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Bistro in Bangladesh: Cilantro Cafe and Mediterranean Restaurant

  1. Aaron DeTommaso

    Fantastic blog! Mouthwateringly written, i’m headed straight for my kitchen now help fight off the munchies you’ve summoned within me :P

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